Our Five Domains in Training

Parenting Workshop

Being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging, and at times parents need others to come alongside them in their journey. Through our New Age Parenting, we want every parent to have better relationship with their kids. It is our passion to see Parents understand their child better and make their child a better citizens of our country.

Corporate Training

Corporate training is a means of ensuring improved skills and enhanced performance by focusing on professional development. Nowadays, the manpower turnover is very high,therefore a robust responsive training system that meets the needs and expectations of younger employees, is imperative. We develop corporate training modules that keep the workers engaged, creating better prepared employees in lesser time.

Sales Training

The future of a company lies in the front line staff and the people who are at the customers’ immediate touch point. They are the brand ambassadors of the company. An extravagant and ostensible media campaign will undoubtedly attract innumerable footprints, but inept attitude of the staff and their unprofessional handling of the customers can undermine the enthusiasm of the customer and deplete the impact of those expensive advertisements, ultimately hampering the long term prospects of the organization and this is where the need of the training and instilling of right skills arises.

Soft Skill Training

Soft skill training is highly prioritized and recognized today by corporate institutes as being essential to relationships. Our candidates are technically competent, but they have to acquire soft skills in order to perform their duties in a professional manner.Our program is interactive, participatory and includes readiness and reinforcement activities. The role-plays give the participants the ability to practice the skills and use it when they start their work.

Pupil’s Life Skill Training

Learning life skill is a part and parcel in life even if it is inborn and inherent. If kids do not learn life skills in school level, they may not learn them at all. Students have to learn decision making strategies, the importance of self-control, proven-effective conflict resolution strategies, ways to compensate disabilities and the value of positive thinking and talks.