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SURESHBABU.K is a head in operating training and Marketing and he is a professional, Enthusiastic and good team player. He is passionate about Training and development. He had a great passion for Training in general, which is why changed his career from planning engineer to Sales & Marketing to learn and practice the real styles of leadership, management, business and people skill.

Sureshbabu has over 15 years of experience in Human Potential Management, and being considered as an accomplished sales manager, trainer, advisor, facilitator, and educator. With such vast experience he has gained key skills like engaging crowd, making the interactions lively and energetic, so that all people participate. He has the ability to attract attention of everyone. Sureshbabu has developed his own concepts of conducting the most efficient trainings. In addition to his experience and personal qualities.

Sureshbabu have a solid educational foundation. He is basically an Engineer and received Cambridge University certification in Human Resource Management. Sureshbabu has certified as professional Trainer from IRTAD. In addition to that he had received Master Diploma in Business Administration from an NGO. Sureshbabu education and training, together with his professional background, has all served to help make him a highly effective manager and trainer. His approach to this work includes both class room and on the job training at both the individual and group level. He is able to develop and implement training program as customised one. Sureshbabu use various technique and interactive strategies in his training. This is done by addressing the emotional mind of the participants through activities, stories, pictures, videos, games and exercise

Sureshbabu strongly believe in his concept “Inside the Wall”

Learning, Encouraging the Team, Associating with the Team, Demonstrating the learning, Emerging with new concept, Re assessing ourselves. – LEADER.


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