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Mr. S THIRUMENI KANNAN is a founder and CEO in Geniusroots, he is passionate about training and counseling this has driven him to take the leap of faith in the vocation of transforming people. Kannan strongly believes that mastering interpersonal skills and good communication which helped lot of participants to improve their quality of life and their relationship in their families.

His excellence in mentoring his junior and new comers helped him to transform lot of junior as well as the participants to transforming better in there interpersonal ability and to reach the fullest potential in their life

Mr.KANNAN launched his professional career from the Pharmaceuticals Domain with in line with his passion to serve the humankind. A commerce graduate from Madras University, Mr. Kannan holds a triple Masters which he considers very important towards the realization of his passion. He has to his credit an M.Sc in Psychology, an M.Sc in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a MBA in Human Resources Management. He is a International Certified Dermatoglyphics consultant and has a Diploma in Corporate training.

Today Mr.KANNAN offers specialized services to youngsters/Adults to identify their area of interest and their inborn ability through brain mapping analysis thereby helping them to choose and succeed in their career. He also help young parents through his workshop on New Age Parenting.


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