Multiple Intelligence

Fingerprint Analysis

Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints. Our fingerprints starts developing during 13th week and completes at around 19th week of conception. Interestingly that’s the time our brain is developing as well so there is a deep connection between our brain and fingerprints. Also these fingerprints will not change with time.

A Dermatoglyphics assessment will provide two areas of understanding:

  •   Innate potentials of lobes
  •   Learning sensitivity

What is innate potential of lobes?

Your right hand reflects your left brain and left hand reflects the right side of the brain. Both sides of the brain have a unique way of processing information. The most important difference is visual. Right side of the brain will see an image as a whole and then notice additional details while left side of brain will first notice small details then see the whole image. Both sides work in congruence to process information. But we all have a brain dominance either right or left side. The right side dominance would mean you are a visual learner, sensitive to feelings and emotions, intuitive and creative. Left hand dominance would mean you are analytical and logical. You are an auditory learner, very organized and pay attention to details.

All of us are born with an innate intellect which we use to acquire and process information and carry on cognitive tasks. We can understand our innate potential with a DMIT in order to fully use our abilities and develop skills.

What is learning sensitivity?

In simple terms it means how fast you process information and react to it. It will tell you whether you are a fast, normal or slow learner.

DMIT is a scientific study and is even used to detect some neurological disorders like Down’s syndrome. It’s your brain profile laid out to you in simple way. The counseling session that follows will help you get an in-depth understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, personality etc. DMIT test is something which all of us should at least take once in our life.