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If you are someone who is looking for business opportunity in this area, you are at right place. We have the most competitive model in this field which will help you not only run this business but also to become expert in it and that too at very low cost. We have “Pay per use” in which we share our education, business experiences and provide you with all the business tools needed to run this business as a independent “BOSS”. Some of the advantages of this business are:

  •  High Customer Base: Being a new of its kind, this concept has reached to the limited audience only. So, there is a high potential to acquire new customers and also, being exciting in nature, the cost of acquiring them is also very low
  •   Limited Hardware Requirement: The only thing you need to run this business is a Laptop and a fingerprint scanner. So, the running cost is very low.
  •   No locations constraints: You can run your business in any part of the world. Just carry your laptop and a scanner and you are good to go.
  •   Part-time/ Full-time Opportunity: You can have this business as part-time or full-time. Take this as your hobby and work & earn whenever you feel like.
  •   Comprehensive Training: We provide a comprehensive training module so that you are well versed with the technicalities of the subject and can handle queries confidently. You need to concentrate, learn and enhance your abilities on counseling the candidate after explaining the substance/ contents of the report.
  •   Complete Back End Solutions: You are never alone in this business. We provide you with the complete quality controlled DMIT Report which is our unique product. Once you send the client details and scanned fingerprint images, our office takes it up and within a few days you have the report Mailed to you.
  •   Project Yourself as a qualified Expert: With our comprehensive training along with our innovative product, you will be branded as a highly qualified expert in this field which will also enhance your personal image and brand in society.

Below are the things that we provide / train you with in order to operate this business successfully :

  •   One Fingerprint Scanner
  •   Training to scan fingerprints
  •   Fingerprints Scanning Software
  •   Training to upload fingerprint images and client details
  •   Training to interpret/counsel “GeniusRoots DMIT Report”
  •   Marketing & sales tips to run this business
  •   Business Presentations and Marketing Materials

This Business Opportunity is a great way of identifying yourself with a noble cause to society. You would be guiding each individual to have a successful career path, guide them on their relationship compatibility to ensure conjugal harmony…. In short you will effectively help them and their families to live a happy & stress free personal, educational & professional life

Mind boggling opportunity – why give a second thought, fill in the form below and let us show you the detailed plan .Yes I am Interested……….. Please send me information on how to be a part of this wonderful journey.

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